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Created in 2013, the SORJA-IMMO company buys real estate property for renovation and reselling. These buildings are selected for their creative potential and the absence of problems in their immediate environment. We choose the best locations, essential conditions for the future owners, whether they wish to live there themselves or rent out their apartment. The first operation was carried out in Fraize (Vosges), the following operations are planned for the Alsace.


Quality charter

The SORJA-IMMO Quality charter expresses two essential objectives: to design pleasant living spaces by putting themselves in the place of the future occupants; to work directly with small or mid-sized local renovation companies that guarantee the highest level of expertise.


According to the legal conditions as stated in the law n°2014-626 art. 22, dated 2014/06/18, all of the craftsmen working in SORJA-IMMO buildings, must provide a ten-year guarantee certificate before starting the works; all of these certificates are annexed to the sale agreement.


Buying a real estate property is more and more complex; if required, we provide our customers with advice and continuous help right up to the moment they enter the apartment (financing, notary public, formalities and subscription records, initial activation of equipment, etc.).

Temporary property manager

We are committed to acting as a temporary property manager. Nonetheless, the co-ownership management may be given to one of the (inhabitant) owners or a professional property manager at any time, as chosen by the co-ownership council; in every case, SORJA-IMMO will resiliate its management responsibility when all of the co-ownership apartments have been sold.


Carpenters, roofers, masons, electricians, plasterers, plumbers, heating engineers, joiners, painters, tilers, etc.: every stage of the renovation process is managed by a building trade professional with the appropriate job qualifications in order to meet the required objectives and respect the standards in terms of elegance and sustainability.

Market price

SORJA-IMMO is a small scale structure with regional ambitions; our financial objectives are adapted according to local market values; we make sure that all of the renovation work is carried in line with the best market prices in order to guarantee the most competitive property market prices for our customers.



Just like the feathers that protect a seagull from icy water and cold wind... glass wool is an excellent heat, acoustic, rot-proof and hydrophobic insulator. It is used in all of the apartments (ceiling and roof insulation, outside walls and inter-apartments separating walls), and its thickness varies from 7 to 25 cm accordingly.


For the gas boilers (generally the suction cup type) we only use the most reputable brands (FRISQUET, CHAPPEE…) which are perfectly adapted to the size of our apartments. The air in the apartments is renewed by an automatic cleaning system in the wet rooms and protected by smoke detectors in the living rooms. These use a centralized regulation system and service capacity radiators that are adapted to the needs of each room by means of a thermostatic tap. Combined with the excellent insulation, they are relatively inexpensive to run even in the coldest period of the year.


Outside, we choose colours that are neither aggressive nor insipid, with respect to the Bâtiments de France recommendations that allow the buildings to blend into its landscape in a pleasant way. The paints that used inside are always white (satin in wet rooms, matt in living rooms), so that the occupants can give free rein to their own personal decorating inspiration.


Most of the attempts of intrusions are made via the front door. That’s why we ensure that the front doors meet an acceptable level of safety (at least 3 points) and are equipped with locks that use a dimple key, of which 4 copies are given to the occupants along with the security code card. Roller blinds always have a locking system. Beyond this passive security, intercoms allow for the filtering of visitors.

Plasterboards - Innerwalls

The use of BA13 type plasterboard allows us to shape and model the rooms as we wish. It facilitates the installation of the insulating material and allows us to hide all of the service networks (tubes and cables). SORJA-IMMO ensures that plasterboards with specific properties (damp-proof or fireproof) are used wherever necessary (wet rooms, common areas).


In winter, in our colder regions, we make sure that masonry work is only carried out when the temperature allows for it; we use additives if necessary, and sometimes use colour in the concrete for unpainted exterior work.


All the rooms in the apartments are equipped with of plenty of plugs, switches and light sources in the ceiling; Furthermore, all of the living rooms are equipped with TV, telephone, and RJ45 ( Ethernet) plugs and are ready for the installation of an internet Box.

Roof structure - Roofing

In the Alsace and in the Vosges, our ancestors have always created beautiful roof structures that we endeavour to preserve as far as possible, sometimes only changing certain parts. We make only make modifications in order to add windows in the roofing. The roofing material is often chosen according to the municipal recommendations or according to the instructions indicated by the Bâtiments de France.


Doors, windows, shutters, internal staircases, and every line of products require a particular know-how. In old real estate, windows are often made to measure. Staircases are the work of specialized professionals. Shutters are chosen with venetian blinds in the day rooms and mostly blackout blinds in the bedrooms.

Coating of grounds and walls

We carefully choose stone floors and floating wood floors, and install them with respect to the light received in each room. Stone floors have to provide a feeling of well-being in the bathroom with their own specific personality, particularly in the case of friezes; on the other hand, floating wooden floors are chosen with a relatively neutral colour so as to allow the occupants to furnish and decorate the room according to the largest range of options.